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Planning Design Architecture

"The built environment deserves our respect so we need to use our authority to contribute positively and responsibly" (unknown)

PDA is a group of built environment companies, committed to the built environment we are dedicated to producing buildings and building components of great quality, delivered on time and on budget.

To this end we have partnered and developed companies who are committed to this cause.

PDA company's pride themselves on being client orientated, providing you with the best advice and solutions to for your building. We do this by using our understanding of the processes involved in design and construction and by ensuring that we correctly interpret our client's requirements the first time, delivering your building project on time and on budget.

We believe that successful companies grow through providing excellent products and services to their clients. PDA group continues to grow.

Fusion Architecture

Inspired by form and function

We design for the client. It is after all your building. We place our considerable expertise at your disposal to meet your needs and manifest your dream. That is our dream - Fantastic buildings for happy satisfied clients.

We believe that with the use of sound Architectural principles we can, not only meet our clients' needs but present them with a superior result.

We believe that any building is influenced and grows from its surroundings, every building needs to be contextually appropriate in order to reach its full potential.

We believe that it is our responsibility to create a building that perfectly suits the individual needs and desires while complementing and maximising its site and environment.

We believe that communication is key. From the first brief to handover, clear information exchange is crucial to the desired outcome.

We believe that timing is essential.

Every project undertaken is unique and brings with it a new set of challenges. The way we overcome these challenges is to turn them into opportunities creating an appropriate workable response

Urban Spaces

Inspired by Space

As specialists in Interior Architecture & Design we see ourselves as solutions driven and focus on creative problem solving. Since our inception in 2005 we have tainted the industry with a specific brand and vision.

We believe in people. Our staff compliment includes some of the brightest young minds and talent. You deal with a person and we can deal directly with you.

We believe in communication. From the first brief we want you to know that you will be carried with the greatest of care. Our success is dependent on yours and we don't forget that.

Timing is everything. The greatest idea needs a process by which to work. It is the way we keep tabs on ourselves, on deadlines and on our contractors; and keeping you, our client, in the loop at all times.

Our service is never an expense; rather a way to avoid expensive mistakes and an assurance that you receive the best value and result for your budget and time frame.

Our method is simply to go beyond our clients expectations and fuse creativity, practicality and value into an accessible service; to turn your vision into a magnificent space that you and Urban Spaces can be proud of.

PDA Construction

Inspired by building possibilities

PDA Construction was created because of a need we found in the industry. We, along with our clients, were struggling to find good reliable contractors to build the work that we had designed, so much so that we decided to start our own construction company.

This allows us to offer our clients a full service from designing all the way to a completed building under the supervision of one company who has the design and finished product in mind.

Through the effective management of trained staff, correct programming and sourcing of good quality materials, we can provide a well executed project on time and on budget.

Founded in 2005, PDA Construction has the expertise, experience and stability to undertake any small to medium sized project. Our core market is residential and small to medium commercial projects.

We are NHBRC registered, along with our registrations to SACAP (South African Council for the Architectural profession) and the Cape institute for Architecture through our associations.

PDA Construction is committed to building well designed buildings correctly, on time and on budget.

INCITE projects

Building understanding

Incite Projects has the experience and expertise to "take the strain".
Our aim is to reduce the stress on the client while providing a superior project On Time and On budget.

We are happy to work with you or your chosen interior design firm in order to fully realize your project.

We are specialists in commercial interior construction and offer a full turnkey solution or partial service if required.